From Zero to Over $1,000,000

“The majority of people that go out of business this year… It doesn’t happen because they left some streaks and they weren’t a great window cleaner. It happens because they suck at business!”

Chris Lambrinides is back for the second time on our show. A guest on our most listened to podcast ever, Chris has new things to share with us (like his new book and the biggest convention in the cleaning industry ever). Welcome back!  

Chris tells us why the cleaning business can be difficult to scale [2:21]

  • People products/services are not physical objects
  • Going into customer’s homes respectfully takes a specific learned skill set

Chris shares his light bulb moment [4:53]

  • Printed flyers at home on his first day of marketing
  • Almost immediate appointment request
  • People WILL call

Marketing vs. Sales [6:00]

  • Flyers are phone call generators
  • Why do people fail after they get the call?
  • Extreme persistence
  • Watch and analyze your metrics
  • Investing in your own company will lead to growth

Staying Lean [8:00]

  • Sucking your business dry
  • Why choking the cash flow is a bad idea
  • The leaner things are, the faster they scale
  • Do you re-invest enough back into the foundation?

Work your current customer list [10:28]

  • People forget about you, and that’s okay!
  • Just do it, it’s a huge return on investment
  • Set people up to be called twice a year
  • Send a few postcards
  • Just do it, it’s a huge return on investment
  • Call your previous customers. You already have data, just call and get them back on the schedule. Boom, done. Easy win for everyone.

Chris tells us about the convention! [13:28]

  • Over 1,000 attendees so far
  • Your peers and their insights are invaluable
  • Aimed to be the most informative
  • Family friendly, make a trip out of it!
  • Only topics are on growing and systemizing your business

Josh and Chris announce a secret about the convention! [26:20]

  • He aims to inspire and speak from his humble beginnings
  • Show the convention goers know that their dreams are achievable.

Chris released a new book last week! [34:25]

  • How to successfully market your business.
  • All the blueprints were used by Chris himself
  • Jumps right into phone, print, web, field marketing, and everything else
  • Not just a compilation of tactics
  • Tons of detail about the pros and cons of each method

  Check out Chris’s new book, The Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint. There’s tons of digital content to go along with it. It’s the highest quality reference you’ll have ever encountered. You can reach Chris, formerly at, but transitioning to and soon living with the ten other family sites at  

Sign up to see Chris and Josh at the convention at

  There are resources and tips on traveling cheap and news to stay up to date on their website. The convention is August 11-13th 2016 at the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center in Maryland.   Thanks for listening! See you next time.  

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