Firing Yourself from Jobs You Suck At

Sometimes you have to fire yourself. Michael Kaplan, someone I almost guarantee most of you have never heard of, leads the discussion this week about a topic most of us avoid – firing yourself and removing yourself from certain areas of your business, but for good reason!

The way I was introduced to him was through a friend of a friend. He has a carpet cleaning business. He studied philosophy and economics in college, and even had a stint in law school. Completed law school and almost opened a franchise.

He circled back and has a carpet cleaning business that does over $15 million a year. In this podcast we explore what lead Michael Kaplan to be so bold.

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  1. Alan Karr (Window Kare, Service Kare) on March 9, 2016 at 8:42 PM

    My favourite podcast too date!!!!

    Keep them coming!

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