Episode 294 – Let’s Talk About The HUGE Convention With Jason Evers & Rob Anderson

Episode 294 - Let's Talk About The HUGE Convention With Jason Evers & Rob Anderson

Episode 294 – Let’s Talk About The HUGE Convention With Jason Evers & Rob Anderson

For an entrepreneur, this is like Christmas morning – Jason Evers

Today, I am joined by Jason Evers!

His journey started in 1993 when he started a window cleaning business which is now a large, automated company!

These conventions are just awesome! 
If you are on the fence, I will tell you that I was the same way as some of you that might be listening. – Jason Evers

Jason had a limiting belief thinking he had all the answers and could just make it happen.   

Jason’s brother is the one who talked him into going to the convention and he finally decided, sure and drug his feet there.

He was AMAZED by how many different people and different strategies there were and quickly realized his strategy wasn’t the best.

Yodon’t’t have to blaze your own trail. There’s a path to getting what you want that’s already predefined. You can figure it out yourself over the next decade and beat yourself up or you can shortcut by learning from people who have done it.

How you change is how you succeeed. If you’re not growing, you’re dying- Jason.

Ready to hear more about what Jason will be teaching about and why you need to be there? Listen in!

You are one strategy, one idea, one relationship away from just blowing up your business.

I am also joined by Rob Anderson from Cleanpowerwash.com

He started off using equipment and supplies that weren’t that great. Came to the convention met some guys and started using the better things. He went from having a full-time job and then doubled the business in the last 3 years in a row. They are currently on pace to doubling once again this year.

You can’t train hunger – Josh Latimer

You can continue to spin your wheels and grind of you can find one thing that helps you increase your closing percentage by 2% or brings you in 10 more customers, there’s so much knowledge to be gained it’s unreal! – Rob Anderson

The smartest investment you can make is in youreslf – Josh latimer 

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