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Lessons in Business From A 31 Year Veteran

Michael Hinderliter is the President of Powerwash.com. At the young age 14, Michael started working in his father's power washing business. Even before leaving high school Michael had started his own power washing business and maintained the business while attending college for an accounting degree. He did well and generated enough income to pay his way through college! After graduating, Michael quickly figured out that the corporate accounting world wasn’t for him and decided to focus on his power washing business. Within a few years, Michael bought out a competitor and tripled the size of his business. He went through a lot of pain and learned a lot of tough lessons along the way. He learned a lot about building a team and what types of attributes to look for in the interview process. Michael also talks about the about the need for both leading and managing employees in your company.  

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About the author, Joshua

Josh loves to coach and teach others how to be free while owning a small business. Reach Joshua by visiting The Growth Vault Podcast Facebook page.

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