100K to $1,300,000 in 4 years

September 12, 2016

Old School Thinking VS New School Thinking Brandon Vaughn is a humble an unassuming guy.  His dad started a small local business over 30 years ago but the company never grew past $100,000 in annual revenue.  About 4 years ago Brandon took over the business from his Father and brought with him a new mentality, a growth…

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The Executive Mindset – Day 5

August 31, 2016

Welcome to Day Five of Executive Mindset! This has been an incredible series and I hope you have gotten massive value from it!  Todays topic is about taking responsibility.  It falls on our shoulders to be responsible for everything that happens inside of our businesses.  The universe owes you nothing and it owes me nothing and…

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The Executive Mindset – Day 4

August 30, 2016

Welcome to Day Four of Executive Mindset! Great leaders build great teams and business is really the ultimate team sport.  Your job is to lead and inspire and recruit the right people to be on your team.  Remember that you should behave as the coach, not the quarterback. Great business leaders invest in people EVERY day.…

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The Executive Mindset – Day 2

August 28, 2016

Welcome to Day Two of Executive Mindset! Your business is about MORE than money.  It is merely a vehicle for you to better serve all of the people around you.  People like your customers, your staff, your community and your family.  It is so important to remember this for when things get tough, and they…

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The Executive Mindset – Day 1

August 27, 2016

Welcome to Day One of Executive Mindset! It all starts with your mindset and the real war is fought daily in your own head.  You want to win and I want you to win!  So, how do you win?  This is a very important question. Please listen in and take notes as I walk you…

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Hard work is not enough

July 28, 2016

You work hard, right? Congratulations! You along with almost everyone else are getting out of bed and working hard all day long. The problem here is that the hard work you do every day is probably not directly tied to the future success you really want. Day laborers work hard.  House maids work hard.  Gardeners…

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Should you get investor money?

July 26, 2016

Should I Get A Partner Or Investor Money? This is the question that, at one time or another, races through the head of almost every small business owner on the planet.  Many of us don’t see it as an option so maybe we don’t spend too much time dwelling on it, however, what if it…

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Does Your Business Have Cancer?

July 22, 2016

We Have All Done This… Negativity You have a bad day and then slowly but surely you slip into a state of gross negativity. I have done it too.  The problem is that if we let it fester things can get really ugly, fast. Hang out with me today as I talk about the implications…

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Kid Sells $1,200 Business At 8 Years Old

July 19, 2016

He was just a little kid and a good parent wouldn’t put too much pressure on his child at such a young age, right? Well I couldn’t help myself. Being an entrepreneur to the core is just a part of who I am. For years I’ve been excited for my sons to grow up so…

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The Coolest Guy In SEO

July 14, 2016

You Want More Money Right? Well, unless you have been sleeping under a rock for the past 15 years you may have noticed that web-based traffic and leads for your small business has quickly become the key to success.  The way your website ranks with SEO and delivers great value to all of the people…

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Looking Back At My Business with Chris Phillips

July 12, 2016

Looking Back In Time My life has certainly changed a lot over the last 10 years.  I went from a guy venturing out on his own with very little understanding of what it was going to take to be successful to building and selling two companies and moving to Costa Rica!  When I am looking…

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Celebrate The Wins Along The Way

July 11, 2016

It is so easy to get caught up in the stress and business of life and if anyone understands that it is me.  I operate my life at about 100 mph with multiple projects going on at the same time.  This is a blessing and a curse and I often forget to celebrate. One of…

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Faith, Family And Business

July 10, 2016

How do we FOCUS?

My faith is important to me and my business is important to me, so what do I do? Well, every week I meet with my friend Rohn for our weekly mastermind. This has been going on for about a year and the payoff has been tremendous!

We are both small business owners and both Christians. By meeting once a week we help each other stay accountable to the things that matter most to us in business and in life. Our philosophy is Faith, Family and Business in that exact order.

Yes, we talk about God 🙂

If you are an atheist you will not melt of burst into flames by listening and I think you will still take out some amazing insights 🙂

We discuss Faith, Family and Business:

-Work Life Balance
-Living In Fear
-Taking Action
-Ohio State Football
-Our Christian Faith
and more…

Looking to get serious? Join Joshuas “Growth Vault” for free and get the knowledge you need. CLICK HERE

Faith family and business is super important to most men and women out there fighting the good fight everyday at work. Listen to this interview with Joshua Latimer and Rohn Gibson about how their weekly mastermind group is helping them both succeed at a much higher level.

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Fire Your Bad Customers

July 1, 2016

We all have been there. It feels like your banging your head against the wall trying to do business with some people. What should we do? I know it is common teaching that the customer is always right but where do we draw the line?  I believe it is a healthy and empowering thing to…

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Build A Dream Business

June 28, 2016

Jim Palmer is a small business expert, author and coach.  At 41 years old he decided to take the entrepreneurial leap and go big or go home.  After working his entire first year without producing a single dollar of revenue he committed to not giving up.  With a house full of teenage children and while…

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Get Control Of Your Time

June 22, 2016

In this RAW I speak with my friend Derreck Smallwood from down south USA, AR.  Derreck is a small business owner who has tripled his business in the last three years. Derreck is a talented developer and works on many side projects at the same time he is running his primary business.  Today we talk…

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Get Employees To Stick

June 17, 2016

Employee issues are one of the toughest parts of owning a business.  I personally understand all of the struggles and time that can be wasted when an employee doesn’t show up, comes in late etc.  Also, one of the hardest parts of your job is to make quality hires in the first place. Posting on…

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Why Branding Is So Critical

June 14, 2016

Ryan Kettering is my guest today and I am excited to have him! He is a former carpet cleaning business owner turned graphic designer and branding extraordinaire. Ryan is well know in the Carpet Cleaning world because of his popular podcast and his daily Periscope show. He has a passion to serve others and a…

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How To De-Commoditize Your Small Business

June 10, 2016

The Reason We Struggle When we run our businesses it is always a struggle to find the balance between pricing and deal flow. How can you get the maximum price and make your customers love you at the same time?  That is what I am going to discuss during todays show. Most small business owners…

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Running Team Meetings

June 3, 2016

Every single thing that you do inside your business should be producing you a return on your investment. This included team meetings. In the corporate world people have meeting all the time that are dead and could have been summarized in a single email. Don’t run a meeting just for the purpose of running a…

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