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Business Finance 101

May 30, 2016

Jennifer VanAlstine is a small business owner, and teaches from the joys and pains of her own personal experiences. Jennifer has a unique way of taking strategies, skills, and material that has been tried and proven within her personal business, and uses it as a template, example and process for other business owners to learn…

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Learn To Dominate Your Local SEO

May 29, 2016

Search Engine Optimization is like a mysterious creature to many of us.  How can a local home town company profit from a proper understanding of how to do this? Chris is the owner of Triple C Pro Window Cleaning and 462 Web Concepts in New Jersey. Utilizing a very strong web presence, Chris has built…

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How To Create Massive Referrals

May 29, 2016

How do you create a referral waterfall inside your business?  Why do so many of us not understand the secrets to massive amounts of referrals?  Listen in and get some insight from Santiago. Santiago Arango runs the marketing for one of Howard’s multi-million dollar companies. He is known as the “Superman” of marketing and is…

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How To Craft The Perfect Bid

May 28, 2016

Curt Kempton started his window cleaning company to be different than any of his competitors. His company became famous as “A customer service company… that just happens to do windows.” After growing from just himself and a truck to a multi-crew business, he sold his company 8 years later to focus on his passion of…

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How To Get Local Media Coverage For Your Business

May 28, 2016

Allison Hester has 25 years experience working both sides of the media field. Through her advertising and public relations experiences, Allison has helped dozens of businesses in a variety of industries obtain both local and national media coverage. On the media side, she has served as the managing editor for three publications, as well as…

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He Went From $60,000 To Over 2 Million In Less Than 4 Years

May 27, 2016

Michael Dahlke grew up blue collar with a working class family but he always had an interest in business.  Today Michael runs a multi million dollar cleaning business with a large team and also spends time giving back by speaking at industry events.  This is a great conversation as he shares insights he has learned…

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Hire Personality Train Skill

May 27, 2016

Employee issues are the number one pain point for most small businesses. How do you make a good hire? How do you filter through the bad apples? Join me today as I take a quick look into this process and how a couple simple mental shifts can add a lot of value to your business.…

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A Man With 35,000 Clients And Multiple Businesses

May 26, 2016

Henry Bockman is a Navy Veteran that served with an F-14 Squadron on the USS America as an Aviation Ordinance man that specialized in Explosives and weapons. After leaving the military he started a home maintenance company in Maryland called Henry’s Housework. Since 1989 Henry Bockman has dedicated himself to learning everything he can about…

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From Welfare To Building A $3,000,000 Business

May 26, 2016

Howard Partridge started his cleaning business out of the trunk of his car and built it up to a multi-million dollar, turnkey business. He has 40 team members that run his companies for him. For the past 20 years, Howard has been helping business owners learn his proven systems so they can stop being a…

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Negative Customer Feedback

May 4, 2016

Circling back and verifying with customers that they appreciated your work is scary. I used to never do follow-up calls. What a mistake! There are so many ways to reach out to previous customers and it doesn’t have to be scary. They hold valuable information that you need to improve your business and are usually happy to provide it. Josh also goes over how to quickly turn customer reviews into a number system that makes sense.

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Company Culture

April 29, 2016

Every single time you engage your staff, you have to be intentional about getting the highest yield possible. You have to start to understand what people want to succeed. This is so true with building a meaningful company culture.

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The Customer Factor

April 26, 2016

A CRM keeps your business’s name in front of the customer, which will eventually grow your name and create an invaluable buzz! Steve comes from Florida and was successful in the cleaning business years ago. Today he shares the context of what lead him to create such a game-changing software that so many of us in the industry use today.

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April 22, 2016

An evening stroll through the Michigan woods in sets the scene. Josh warns us of perpetual consumership and how it can hinder us from taking action on our ideas. No matter what it is, just do stuff. Create that momentum.

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From Zero to Over $1,000,000

April 19, 2016

Chris Lambrinides is back for a second time! A guest on our most listened to podcast, Chris has new things to share (like his new book and the scoop on the biggest convention in the cleaning industry). Chris tells us why the cleaning business can be difficult to scale, shares his light bulb moment, discusses marketing vs. sales, explains staying lean, and talks about using customer lists the right way. Welcome back!

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Self Limiting Beliefs

April 16, 2016

Have you ever heard of self limiting beliefs? Well, even if you have, I’d like to share with you from my personal standpoint just how powerful the way we think about our business can be. Are you holding yourself back through self limiting beliefs?

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Discovering Your Type of Customer

April 12, 2016

Lee Burbidge, founder and editor of Window Cleaning Magazine joins us today from the UK! A successful YouTuber and entrepreneur, he speaks of his experiences of all over the world by beginning with a small residential window cleaning business.

“And I’m thinking, does this guy want me to drop three dollars or something? Is this guy the right customer for me? I think about what I’m supposed to do, and it’s a matter of being brave and actually telling the customer that the relationship might not work out.” Listen to the rest in this Quick Talk Podcast!

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Fear of Sales

April 8, 2016

Welcome to the first Quick Talk RAW! A miniature version of Quick Talk where I just talk to you straight up – like a real person. Not any marketing silliness or cheesiness. The most valuable asset your company has is your current book of business. The people who have already paid you money in the past? Do something for them.

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The Future of Your Business & Google

March 29, 2016

Smart phones will know everything that is going on in the service industry. The future will be automated and document everything that goes on in your home and let us know, to the second, just how much time we spend in a customer’s home.

This podcast touches on search engine optimization and on how technology can truly benefit the future growth of your company with Derek Christian.

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Raising Value by Raising Prices

March 23, 2016

“So many get stuck on pricing. And to be honest, there’s deep psychological baggage that is behind most of our self-limiting pricing beliefs. Which – and I’m not a psychologist and I’m not a psychiatrist – I’ve come to realize that its a big part of what needs to be overcome.”

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Firing Yourself from Jobs You Suck At

March 1, 2016

I almost guarantee all of you have never heard of this guy. The way I was introduced to him was through a friend of a friend. He has a carpet cleaning business. He studied philosophy and economics in college, and even had a stint in law school. Completed law school and almost opened a franchise.

He circled back and has a carpet cleaning business that does over $15 million a year. In this podcast we explore what lead Michael Kaplan to be so bold.

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