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Walk Through The Fire & Win

Business is Hard

Look, there is no way to sugar coat the fact that business is not for the faint of hearted.  The extreme ups and downs can be too much for many but if you are one of the few that has the grit to stick it out, good things will happen. Hard work is not enough by itself and Joe Kowalski knows that as good as anyone.  He founded a software tool that later became the preeminent CRM (customer relationship management) tool for service based companies. Joe walked through the pain and fire of a new startup for 7 straight years before he finally started to get it figured out.  It is easy to look at his business now, with 35 employees and multiple thousands of customers, and say "Man, that guy is lucky". There is no luck involved in what Joe has built.  ServiceMonster now offers the deepest and richest CRM options you can imagine while processing over $340,000,000 in revenue for its customers in 2015.

The fire refine us

My advice to all of my friends listening to this show I want to shoot strait with you. Lean into the fire and don't try to escape it, rather, embrace it and let the pain strengthen you.  Wear your failures as a badge of honor because the ONLY way you are going to lose in business is by walking away. Don't quit the band moments before the record deal. You got this! Check out ServiceMonster Here:  CLICK HERE  

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About the author, Joshua

Josh loves to coach and teach others how to be free while owning a small business. Reach Joshua by visiting The Growth Vault Podcast Facebook page.

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