College Dropout Builds a $1,000,000 Business

DJ Carroll is a small business coach and the founder of Sales Excellence University. He started his early twenties by building a lawn care company. Not long after, he became a small business guru and went well past the million dollar mark. Dave then went on to start several other businesses as well as become a real estate investor. He was the first person in his family to go to college and pursue a degree. “Nothing comes easy, and if you want something you have to work for it.”

Join us in our discussion today covering topics like what it takes to succeed, how to land large commercial accounts and how you should be your own score keeper. Listen how DJ Carroll describes growing up in Indianapolis in a three story cabin and moving to closer to the city, with his parents always working to keep them up. He believes in being humble and working toward something positive for your family. And not just being humble, but using that mindset to really power a deep hunger for success.

DJ Carroll is a big believer in being hungry for success and nurturing a drive to achieve and find success before you really need it. Living paycheck to paycheck was not something he was willing to settle with, and has built his systems around avoiding that harsh and stressful reality. “There are 13 trillion dollars out there right now circulating around. If you’re broke its your own damn fault.”

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