Fear of Sales

Welcome to the first Quick Talk RAW! A miniature version of Quick Talk where I just talk to you straight up – like a real person. Not any marketing silliness or cheesiness.



  • Welcome and introduction to Quick Talk RAW
  • Defining customer loyalty. Your company’s book of business is the most valuable asset you have! Your customers are nuggets in your gold mine.

My main issue [0:45]

  • Too many small business owners I’ve talked to do not engage their customers
  • They might send a letter once a year Without Really asking for referrals
  • Larger businesses this is how and their customer lists like freaks
  • What is keeping small businesses from doing these things?

Engaging your customers is nothing to be afraid of [3:10]

  • There is nothing to be embarrassed about either
  • Customers forget about you so quickly, there is no shame in reminding them.
  • Or are you just too busy? Do you need to delegate your tasks to others?
Sales is the lifeblood of every organization out there.


Don’t make it too complicated [4:32]

  • Don’t get caught up buying the latest technology for your business
  • Be intentional, make a solid effort, and take massive action!

  Thanks for listening! See you next time.  

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