Episode 297 – Let’s Talk About The HUGE Convention With Derek Preece, Ray Burke & Sid Graef

Episode 297 - Let's Talk About The HUGE Convention With Derek Preece, Ray Burke & Sid Graef

Episode 297 – Let’s Talk About The HUGE Convention With Derek Preece, Ray Burke & Sid Graef

Do you want to spray bleach for $30 an hour or $300 an hour? It’s simply your choice – Ray Burke

I have another brand new shiny friend on the other end of the phone named Derek Preece! He has a very interesting story!

He runs an agency helping people all over hte country running their businesses.

Before this, he had a cleaning company for 20 years fighting the good fight like you and me! Just like everyone listening to this show.

Derek has been in business for hiself for the better part of his life. He loves building things, watching them grow and changing lives.

Sales & marketing is the most important foundational system for your company. It’s the life bloods, the gas in the gas tank.

I’m a huge fan of recording calls because most people sound very different than they think they do, and they aren’t intentioanl enough on the entire process.

The convention is a business building powerhouse.

I’m a firm believer that if you surround yourself with great people that your own business and own life will grow. – Derek Preece

Raymond Burke is our second guest today! He is a well respected in the pressure washing space and he has a nice business. He started his business in 2008/2009 during the real estate crisis. In one of the most competitive markets in the country, Floria. He specializes in selling to property managers for really good prices and he actually teaches you to do this same thing during the convetion!

People will always pay for good service. You don’t want the coupon shoppers, they aren’t your target customer, and you don’t want the guys that want the cheapest prices.

You won’t get everybody but if you had 100 customers and raised your prices by 20% and 20% of those customers left, you’d actually be doing the same amount of revenue, but with 20% less work.

Finally, we are joined by Sid Graef!

Sid Graef is in Prague and runs a home service company in Montana! It’s automated, grown and systemized. They will be gone for 2 full weeks!

Sid and his wife started a small window cleaning business in 1993 and built it for 8 years and up to almost being able to live off of it. Then, they built a second in Montana from scratch. It’s been a struggle and hustle to try and make ends meet to try and raise a family. It was difficult. But, they finally decided to turn it into a business and learn about marketing, applying systems, etc.

Sid will be teaching about the 80/20 rule.

80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts is essentially what this means.

Your head is going to explode by all of the practical things being taught to you by people like Sid who are doing this every day. They are building this in real time and succeeding!

Ready to change your life and business? Listen in to hear more!

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