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Making Your Business More Efficient

Mike has been hired by and spoke in front of hundreds of different corporations over the years, entertaining and educating. He has worked in many different industries and has been everything from General Manager, Regional Manager, and Director of Sales and Marketing, to a tech in the field. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He has very diverse background, which he pulls upon to create solutions to business and marketing problems. Anyone who knows him knows his passion for reading, studying, and learning about this game of business. They also know his passion in helping other succeed. While he considers himself to be an average idiot, he has often been called a marketing genuis (whatever that means) or a marketing guru (a term he hates) . Together with Matt Adwell he founded Tweak Consulting as a way of helping other companies short cut the road to business success. Mike also is the owner of Brightview Cleaning, located near D.C. in Maryland.  

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