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Episode 347: Not One But Two 8 Figure Business Built From Scratch – Jonathan Pototschnik

Episode 347: Not One But Two 8 Figure Business Built From Scratch – Jonathan Pototschnik

Today, I’m chatting with Jonathan Potoschnik again! 😀 

He has a home service company, hundreds of employees and does 8 figures a year. Jon started as an 8th grader wanting to make some money to buy cars. He was in the lawn care business until his freshman year of college and left. Never thought he’d get back into it and planned to move on to technology.

It was a fluke, around 2005 when he ended up back in the business. He didn’t want to get back into it, it just sort of happened. But, after he got it he decided it was time t build it up. Once he went to residential, his goal was 1,000 clients. The team hit that goal and kept going.

There are 3 secret sauce things that helped him build a company, and he dives into those during our chat.

  1. Starting to study marketing. Which was called direct response marketing when he started. This was the foundational thing that changed his life.
  2. The single most important thing in terms of building a company is building a team. You can’t go too slow and you have to trust them.

There’s one more, but you’ll have to check out this hour-long episode to hear more! 

If You Invest In A Company, You Want To Find One That’s In A Growth Market With At Least 10% Per Year. – Jon

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