Episode 295 – Let’s Talk About The HUGE Convention With Martha Woodward & Ryan Wilkins

Episode 295 - Let's Talk About The HUGE Convention With Martha Woodward & Ryan Wilkins

Episode 295 – Let’s Talk About The HUGE Convention With Martha Woodward & Ryan Wilkins

I am continuing the train rolling down the tracks interviewing people who will be speakers at The Huge Convention!

Martha Woodward is a business beast. She has a maid service company doing 700+ per year that’s 100% automated and she doesn’t even go into the office anymore. She owns a software company called Quality Driven Software too.

Martha spent 20+ years in health working for a hospital chain. Everything got very systemized and she hated that she couldn’t make any decisions.

In her midlife crisis moment, she decided to open her own business because she liked to have her own house cleaned.   

She had very painful first years and has currently been in business for 10 years. She basically taught herself what not to do.

Over the years she has found out that people simply need to know where they stand. She never wanted to fire someone and have it be a surprise.   

Then, I will be talking to Ryan Wilkins!

He runs a very interesting cleaning company called Beacon Cleaning, and his company is on the “space coast” He’s a specialist with government buildings, NASA, dozens of school districts, space x and so much more! He is doing some crazy stuff and also teaching at the huge convention.

This will be the 4th year in a row he has taught a class at the convention!

This is the best convention I’ve ever been too and taught at. I’ve taught at a number of them over the years. This one has always been full of great classes, great instructors and a great trade show. Very professionally run and organized. – Ryan Wilkins

Ready to change your life and business? Listen in to hear more!

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